In this section, we will be highlighting some of the 50th Anniversary gifts that are helping us enhance our current programs and launch new initiatives.

Evan G. Greenberg — Major Gifts Enhance 50th Anniversary Giving

Jerry Yang and Akiko Yamazaki — 50th Anniversary Campaign Attracts New Leaders

Linda Wong — Philanthropy and Education: Yihai's Linda Wong

Ajay Banga — Partnership for Growth: Ajay Banga and Mastercard

Olivier Brandicourt — NCUSCR to Launch New Track II Dialogue on Healthcare

Ernie Thrasher — Leaders in the U.S.-China Relationship: Ernie Thrasher and Xcoal

Stephen A. Schwarzman — The National Committee - Schwarzman Scholars Partnership

Robert H. Xiao — Perfect World: Connecting Cultures through Technology

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