For more than 50 years, the National Committee on United States-China Relations has fostered understanding, engagement, and cooperation between the United States and Greater China. From our beginning – before diplomatic relations between the two countries were established – our work has served a critical function. Today, despite increasing people-to-people exchange, strengthened trade relations, greater cross-border investment flows, and deepening scientific and academic collaboration, the National Committee’s role in the relationship remains a vital one, and as the U.S.-China relationship deepens in complexity, our mission is more important than ever before.

To mark our 50th Anniversary, we hosted a series of exciting events, from public forums featuring policy-makers involved in the Sino-American relationship to reunions for alumni of our past programs and exchanges, and more.

Leaders Speak

A variety of people and institutions have shaped the course of U.S.-China relations over the past five decades. Leaders Speak is a series of public forums that highlights the different roles decision-makers have played in determining the path of the most important bilateral relationship in the 21st century.

Leaders Speak consists of a series of seven panels featuring former U.S. cabinet officers and global business leaders:

China & the World

Our 50th Anniversary comes at a time of an increased Chinese presence on the global stage. This series will analyze China’s relations with various parts of the world, and their ramifications on Sino-American relations.

China & the World will consist of discussions with experts on each region:


One of our goals as we celebrated our 50th Anniversary, was to reconnect with participants from past programs and with former staff. That goal was definitely realized at our 50th Anniversary reunion in Washington, D.C., held Monday, June 27, 2016.

We want to thank everyone who joined us for one or more of the various components: a lunch for former staff members, the reunion itself, followed by the third in our Leaders Speak series, this time featuring three former National Security Advisors. We are delighted (and gratified) by the outpouring of support and by everyone’s longstanding dedication to the Committee; we hope to continue to keep you engaged in our events and programs for years to come.

To conclude the anniversary celebrations, Chair Carla Hills led a delegation of board members and donors to Beijing for a three-day program from November 30 to December 2, 2017. The program featured a reunion in Beijing with almost 100 friends and past program participants, as well as meetings with senior Chinese leaders.


We will celebrate the creation of our archives in 2018 with a half-day symposium in New York, bringing together potential users of the collection.