Clarinda Blais joined the National Committee in August 2019 after spending a year in China as a Schwarzman Scholar. During her one-year fellowship—a major component of the National Committee-Schwarzman Scholars Partnership—she developed programs to keep Schwarzman alumni engaged in China-related issues. Having grown up in a small town in central New York, Clarinda is motivated to look for opportunities to connect people outside of the Committee’s traditional circles to China. As such, she works on the Committee’s Subnational Initiatives and China Town Hall. She has also enjoyed facilitating the Committee’s bi-weekly movie chats through which the staff have been able to collectively learn more about China, the United States, and one another.

Ms. Blais graduated from Boston University in 2017, where she studied philosophy and became very curious about China. She began taking Mandarin as a freshman in college, which has since brought her to Fudan University, rural parts of Henan province, and most recently, Schwarzman College at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Her areas of previous research include comparisons in Aristotelian and Confucian notions of goodness, and rural interpretations of the ‘Chinese Dream’.

Clarinda is an aspiring New Yorker and mediocre runner. She believes strongly in the power of good storytelling and the role it will play in the future of productive international relations.

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