Rosie Levine is a senior program officer at the National Committee, where she works primarily on the Public Intellectuals Program, among other programs.

Ms. Levine’s interest in China began at a very early ageshe grew up in Beijing from ages four until nine. Since returning to the United States, she has been striving to understand her second home. This led her to specialize in history, Asian language and cultures, and museum studies at the University of Michigan. She focused her studies on U.S. popular culture, modern Chinese history, cultural heritage, and public history and graduated with High Honors and Highest Distinction.

After graduation, Ms. Levine moved back to Beijing, where she conducted research and prepared exhibits for a gallery that collects old maps and photographs of Beijing. She then worked for the Beijing Cultural Heritage Protection Centera Chinese NGO that works to preserve and promote the unique cultural heritage of Beijing. In China, she completed an M.A. in Chinese studies at Yenching Academy (Peking University), specializing in history and archaeology.

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