My name is Gao Yang. I’m from Shenyang, Liaoning. I am the exchange teacher at John Stark Regional High School and Henniker Community School in New Hampshire during this school year. I’m very glad to have this opportunity to teach Chinese in the United States. It is a very special experience in my life. The education systems in China and the United States are really different, but I love teaching in both countries.

I teach my students both Chinese language and culture. The students love both. I like to use different activities in Chinese lessons. I use flash cards, pictures, videos, crafts, etc. I use Chinese as much as possible in and out of the Chinese classroom. For the Chinese festivals, I make traditional crafts with my students. I also find every opportunity to teach students about Chinese culture. The students went to see a Chinese drumming performance in Concord, NH. The performance was from Shanxi Province in China. The students said they were so impressed after they saw the drumming. I helped the students make lanterns on Mid-autumn Festival, make Chinese and American flags on Chinese National Day, teach them about the Beijing Opera and drumming before they went to see the performance. I am trying my best to teach more Chinese to my American students.

After class, I have a wonderful host family. Dan is a teacher in the same high school as me. Sharon is a surgeon. Jacob is nine. Evan is seven and Lena is two. I teach them some Chinese when we have time. They also love learning Chinese. I went to several places around New Hampshire. Such as the White Mountains, Boston, Plymouth, and Salem. I also went to the pumpkin festival. Over Thanksgiving I had a big dinner with my host family and my colleague and friends. The United States is such a beautiful country. I cook some Chinese food for my host family sometimes. They love the Chinese dishes very much. I love it here, and it has been a wonderful year.

U.S.-China Teachers Exchange Program

U.S.-China Teachers Exchange Program

Between 1996 and 2014, the U.S.-China Teachers Exchange Program, established with funding from the Freeman Foundation, sent American K-12 teachers to China and brought Chinese secondary school teachers to the United States. Since the program began, 116 American teachers taught in Chinese secondary schools, and 332 Chinese teachers taught in American elementary, middle, and high schools. The Chinese teachers typically spent a school year teaching Chinese language and culture or English as a second language in American schools across the country.

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