Leadership changes announced at China’s 17th Party Congress are expected to give an indication of President Hu Jintao’s ability to consolidate his political power, as well as early signs of who may contend to succeed him as China’s top leader in five years’ time. Dr. Li opened the program with his insights into the makeup of the new Politburo and CCP Central Committee, and the implications for Chinese domestic politics. Ambassador Roy followed with a presentation on foreign policy implications, highlighting, in particular, what the new Politburo means for U.S.-China relations. While two equally powerful factions emerged within the Politburo during the Party Congress, the “Prince-lings” and the tuanpai, or those who rose to power through the Communist Youth League, both panelists agreed that in terms of party platform, President Hu, supported by the tuanpai, was a clear winner.

October 24, 2007 (All day)
Cheng Li
Ambassador J. Stapleton Roy

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