[T]oday is a big day for all the Americans and of course the world. We can't miss it. So at 11:30, all the faculty and the students went to the Old South church near Snowden [International School, MA] and watched the inauguration live on TV. The church was full of people, including a lot of local citizens. Some of them were formally dressed up. One black lady in a beautiful red dress said, "I have no choice. My mother let me wear this." All of the people were very excited although we were not on the spot in Washington. Obama's speech is also very powerful and inspiring. All of us hope the change will come soon…I feel very lucky to be here this year to experience all of these great and historic moments.

U.S.-China Teachers Exchange Program

U.S.-China Teachers Exchange Program

Between 1996 and 2014, the U.S.-China Teachers Exchange Program, established with funding from the Freeman Foundation, sent American K-12 teachers to China and brought Chinese secondary school teachers to the United States. Since the program began, 116 American teachers taught in Chinese secondary schools, and 332 Chinese teachers taught in American elementary, middle, and high schools. The Chinese teachers typically spent a school year teaching Chinese language and culture or English as a second language in American schools across the country.

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