May 20, 2015

A new report by the National Committee and Rhodium Group finds that Chinese foreign direct investment into the United States has taken off in recent years, bringing a growing number of firms from China face-to-face with American communities. The report, titled New Neighbors: Chinese Investment in the United States by Congressional District, documents the new corporate neighbors who are moving into towns across America and details – for the first time – Chinese commercial investment in the United States by congressional district. With that granular information, the report describes the picture so far in terms of cumulative investment values, numbers of operations and facilities, and jobs provision data.

The New Neighbors report was officially rolled out on May 20 at the National Committee’s 2015 Members Program in New York. Its key findings were previewed for congressional staff in Washington, D.C., prior to its release. Additional roll-out events included a discussion in Beijing on June 5.

The National Committee is grateful to the sponsors of the 2015 New Neighbors study:

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