Which graduate school were you attending when you participated in FPC?

In 2012, I just graduated from Rutgers University with a double major in Economics and Communication. I became a macroeconomic researcher at an economic consulting firm based in Princeton, New Jersey.

What are you doing now?

I am currently attending graduate school at Harvard Kennedy School of Government (HKS) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I am a first year master of public policy candidate focusing on energy policy and international diplomacy at HKS. Since FPC, I worked full time as an economic analyst at Stone & McCarthy Research Associates for two years before attending HKS.

How did FPC impact you?

I really enjoyed the conference because my interests lie in Chinese foreign policy and diplomacy. I participated in various lectures and met resourceful industrial leaders who had provided me with great contacts for future reference.  I also gained priceless friendship from the FPC experience, in which a group of us still stayed in close touch with each other until now.

What was your favorite part of FPC?

My favorite part is to listen to the Honorable Zbigniew Brzezinski, Counselor and Trustee of CSIS for his insightful speech on U.S. - China relations from his experience and a historical perspective. Also, meeting and talking to Secretary Elaine Chao, Distinguished Fellow at the Heritage Foundation in person was also an amazing learning experience.  From her speech and via personal interaction, I was inspired by her stories and leadership style. I learned how a woman could exercise her great leadership potential to influence American politics. 

Why should current Chinese graduate students attend FPC?

I would recommend current Chinese graduate students to attend FPC because FPC is a fabulous platform for you to have a closer look at American policy policy in different arena and industries. It helps you to expand your personal and professional network in a three-day period. By keeping in touch with each speaker and participant in the future, you will be part of a large network of individuals who continue to help and learn from each other.

U.S. Foreign Policy Colloquium

U.S. Foreign Policy Colloquium

The U.S. Foreign Policy Colloquium is an exclusive four-day program designed to provide 75 of the best and brightest Chinese graduate students studying at colleges and universities from across the United States a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the complex forces that shape American foreign policy and inform the U.S.-China relationship.

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