China Initiative:

Criminalizing China” by Margaret K. Lewis in the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology

International Education Flows:

Academic Elites to Economic Elites? The Diversification of Chinese International Students” by Yingyi Ma in the Journal of International Students

World Fisheries Policies:

China Can Say “No”: Analyzing China’s Rejection of the South China Sea Arbitration” by Isaac B. Kardon in University of Pennsylvania Asia Law Review

China’s Distant Water Fishing Industry: Evolving Policies and Implications” by Tabitha Grace Mallory in Elsevier

China in Hollywood:

‘Mulan’ is a Movie about How Much Hollywood Needs China” by Aynne Kokas in The Washington Post


Washington’s China Policy Has Lost Its Wei” by Scott Kennedy in CSIS Briefs

U.S.-China Agricultural Trade:

The U.S. and China in Asia: Mitigating Tensions and Enhancing Cooperation” by Andrew Mertha et al. in a publication of the Pacific Community Initiative

China's Involvement in the Arctic:

Defining the Chinese Threat in the Arctic” by Yun Sun in The Arctic Institute

What You May Not Know About Sino-Russian Cooperation in the Arctic and Why it Matters” by Yun Sun in The Diplomat

China’s Military Modernization Program:Trends and Implications” by Oriana Skylar Maestro for AEI



Increasing discord in the U.S.-China relationship is having profound repercussions for the people of both countries and the global community.

U.S.-China HORIZONS explores mutual benefits emerging in new sectors and highlights pressing global issues that can only be resolved through functional Sino-American cooperation.

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