Amy Celico:

Trade and the Post-Covid Global Economy” event hosted by Amy Celico in CSIS

What to Expect From This Week's U.S.-China Talks” news program featuring Amy Celico on Bloomberg TV

Best Frenemies: China, the US, and the Future of the 21st Century” event featuring Amy Celico at the Aspen Ideas Festival

Andy Rothman:

Lessons From China” analysis by Andy Rothman in Matthews Asia

Four China Trends” analysis by Andy Rothman in Matthews Asia

Matthews Asia Andy Rothman says China is headed for V-shaped recovery” interview featuring Andy Rothman on CNBC

Huang Yiping:

Domestic Consumption set to get Renewed Impetus” article featuring Huang Yiping in China Daily

China Revises Ceiling on Private Lending Interest Rates” article featuring Huang Yiping in CGTN

China 2049: Economic Challenges of a Rising Global Power” panel discussion featuring Huang Yiping in Brookings


CHINA Town Hall: Economics & Trade

CHINA Town Hall: Economics & Trade

As trade tensions, political frictions, and COVID-19 fuel growing uncertainties in the highly interdependent U.S.-China economic relationship, a conversation among American and Chinese experts Amy Celico, Huang Yiping, and Andy Rothman will examine current trade issues, opportunities for post-COVID economic growth, and prospects for the future of Sino-American economic ties.

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