July 9, 2017 to July 26, 2017

The 2017 SLE took place July 9 - 26, and included a two-day informative pre-departure orientation outside of San Francisco. 

The itinerary included stops in Beijing, Guizhou Province (Guiyang), and Sichuan Province (Chengdu and Beichuan). 

Participants in the 2017 SLE ...

  • Enjoyed exceptional opportunities to engage with Chinese student counterparts
  • Lived with Chinese families
  • Delved into China's contemporary culture, history, and society 
  • Took in the sights of modern and ancient China

Questions?  Contact Jessica Bissett, senior program officer, at jbissett@ncuscr.org or (646)-604-8012.

Student Leaders Exchange

Student Leaders Exchange

Since 2004, the National Committee has been selecting twelve graduating U.S. high school seniors who have received national recognition for their accomplishments to participate in the yearly U.S.-China Student Leaders Exchange. For the young American participants, the heart of the program is a two-week study visit to China during the summer between high school and college. Americans participants learn about China's successes and challenges and have unusual opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with their Chinese counterparts as a consequence of homestays throughout most of the program.

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