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2019 U.S.-China Track II Dialogue on Healthcare (China)

The fourth healthcare dialogue was held in Jiangyin, a city in central China's Jiangsu Province. The dialogue brought together seven American participants and 12 Chinese participants, consisting of experts in the field and representatives of major healthcare companies, as well as four observers from both countries. The two sides discussed a wide range of topics, including regulatory science and capacity building; health technology assessments; technology payment; and accelerating value-based care in both nations. Other topics of discussion included possible projects to address care reform opportunities in both countries. In addition, the mayor of Jiangyin and other city officials gave the dialogue participants an introduction to the local healthcare system and a tour of medical facilities in the city. As with previous dialogues, this session concludes with a consensus agreement, setting out key points of discussion, and suggestions for policy changes. This document is circulated to relevant departments in both governments for their consideration.

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