• Public Event

    A March 2020 survey of American views of China conducted by the Pew Research Center shows an increase in negative perceptions of China.

  • Public Event

    Dr. Cheng Li discusses Xi Jinping and party politics in contemporary China. 

  • Public Event

    Richard McGregor discussed his new book The Party: The Secret World of China's Communist Rulers. Former Beijing bureau chief for the Financial Times (FT), Mr. McGregor illuminates the complex inner workings of the Chinese Communist Party and examines its influence over the military, local governments, and the Chinese people.

  • Program

    In July, 2008, the National Committee brought together 30 of the best minds on various aspects of China and several specialists in other areas for a synergistic, cross-cutting look at some of the major challenges facing China and the United States and what the best policies might be to enhance cooperation and ameliorate conflict over them.

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