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    The National Committee on U.S.-China Relations has assembled a list of materials in written, audio, and video formats related to engagement with China. All the materials are authored or prepared by U.S. citizens or organizations (including government entities) residing in the United States. Materials have been organized into the following sections. Please click on a section to view its materials, which are listed in reverse order by date issued or published:

  • Program Iteration / CHINA Town Hall

    The thirteenth annual CHINA Town Hall took place on Monday, November 18, at 80+ venues across the United States and China. George Stephanopoulos moderated this year’s webcast discussion; he was joined by expert panelists Stephen Orlins, Melanie Hart, Yasheng Huang, and Ely Ratner.

  • Podcast / U.S.-China Insights

    When the world’s two largest economies become mired in trade conflict, there are bound to be global consequences. As analysts predict increasing risk for a global economic downturn, VanEck’s Chief Emerging Markets Economist Natalia Gurushina looks at what the trade war might mean for other countries, and explains how these consequences could have unforeseen repercussions for both the United States and China.

  • Public Event

    M. Taylor Fravel examines the security threats China has faced over the past 70 years, investigating how and why the country’s defense strategies have changed.

  • Public Event

    Protests were frequent in twentieth-century Shanghai and Bombay (known as Mumbai since 1995). Mark Frazier examines contemporary debates in both metropolises regarding informal housing, displacement of inner-city residents, job scarcity, and questions of unequal citizenship in historical context.

  • Program

    The National Committee's Young China Professionals (YCP) program engages China-focused individuals across various industries under the age of 45 to increase their knowledge about China on pertinent issues.

  • Supporting Material / Past Fellows / Professional Fellows Program

    Fall 2019 (Inbound) Participant bios Fellows and their home/host organizations

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    Clarinda Blais joined the National Committee in August 2019 for a one-year fellowship after spending a year in China as a Schwarzman Scholar. 

  • Supporting Material / Past Galas / 2019 Gala Dinner
  • Public Event

    At its annual black-tie Gala Dinner in New York City, the National Committee honored Ray Dalio, founder, co-chief investment officer, and co-chairman of Bridgewater Associates, LP.

  • Public Event

    Matt Sheehan describes his professional path, lending insight into non-traditional careers in the China space and the challenges and opportunities these paths present.

  • e-News
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    Xinyi Willow Wei is a communications coordinator at the National Committee, where she is in charge of creating content for the organization’s Chinese social media audience, as well as conducting interviews with NCUSCR directors.

  • Podcast / U.S.-China Insights

    The role government should play in the free market has always been a contentious issue, even more so when international trade jeopardizes national security. As the standoff between the United States and China continues, disagreements over what constitutes mutually acceptable trade practices are becoming more entrenched, with both governments accusing the other of interference and overreach. Watch Amy P.

  • Supporting Material / Photos / U.S.-China Track II Economic Dialogue

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