Public Event
On April 7, the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations held a roundtable discussion with Professor David Zweig. He examined China’s search for energy and other resources and its impact on Sino-American relations. Professor Zweig proposed that, while China is rising as a world power, it is simplistic to say that this is China’s century: China is rising but doing so within a system that is still dominated by the United States, the “hegemon.” We should not think about China’s rise without considering the role and the responses of the United States.
Public Event
China’s energy policy exerts a profound influence on the global economy and the environment. To better understand the future trajectory of China’s energy needs, the National Committee hosted China Energy 2020.
American and Chinese experts from academia, think tanks, and industry gather for a two-day dialogue exploring how significant climate change and energy developments are altering each country's energy outlook.

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