The National Committee on United States-China Relations promotes understanding and cooperation between the United States and Greater China in the belief that sound and productive Sino-American relations serve vital American and world interests. Check out our introductory content below to learn more about the U.S.-China relationship.

U.S.-China Counterpoints

U.S.-China Counterpoints explores common perspectives on the U.S.-China relationship held by those in both countries. Guided by leading experts, this series examines the facts behind common viewpoints, and the details that shape U.S.-China relations behind the headlines. 

U.S.-China & the World

U.S.-China & the World is an interview series investigating how the U.S.-China relationship impacts societies, economies, and policies around the globe. Through short interviews with local experts, this series takes a closer look at the countries and regions impacted by and navigating through U.S.-China tensions—and ultimately, how the United States and China together can build a better future for the international community. 

U.S.-China Essentials

U.S.-China Essentials is a multimedia series that explores key aspects of the U.S.-China relationship and illustrates the ways it affects the lives of every American and the global community. Join leading experts for explanations on the inner workings of the world’s most important relationship, key issues to watch, and the many areas that connect us as people.

U.S.-China Insights

U.S.-China Insights features explainers and short interviews with leading experts on timely, relevant issues affecting the U.S.-China relationship and Greater China.

U.S.-China Relations Glossary

Our U.S.-China Relations Glossary is a regularly updated list of terms, names, and other important topics regularly covered in our videos. Read through to better understand the basics of U.S.-China relations.