The U.S. and China trade hit a new record in 2022 with nearly $700 billion worth of goods exchanged between the two countries. At the same time, both countries have enacted policies that boost domestic businesses while blocking certain foreign competition. What is the state of China’s economy? What impact does trade with China have on the U.S. economy? Should the U.S. decouple from China? Check out our Economics, Trade, & Business content below to learn more.

China’s Economy

What is the state of China’s economy in 2023?

After years of strong growth, China’s economy has started to slow. On March 5, 2023, China set a GDP growth target of around five percent for 2023, which is lower than expected. Tune in as Chinese economists discuss the challenges and opportunities for China’s economy in 2023.

How did China’s economy grow so quickly?

China’s economic success is a result of a number of factors. Learn from a leading scholar why China’s economy grew so quickly, it’s possible future trajectory, and how recent events like the U.S.-China trade war might impact it going forward.

What is President Xi doing about the Chinese economy?

Chinese President Xi Jinping has increased the role of the state in China’s economy in recent years. Learn about the risks to China’s development and stability posed by the slowing of reform amid increased autocracy.

U.S-China economic ties

How does China’s economy affect the U.S.?

How could a Chinese economic downturn affect people in the rest of the world? Learn more about explains slowing economic growth, an aging society, and a looming property crisis have implications not just for China, but for the United States and beyond.

Should the U.S. invest in China?

U.S. investors have turned to the Chinese market for years. However, there is growing political support for restricting outbound U.S. investments in China. How would such restrictions work and what impact would they have on U.S. investors and businesses?

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