The United States and China have a long and rich history of people-to-people exchange. Yet recent years have seen a decline in exchange and a rise in mutual distrust. What do Americans and Chinese people think of each other? What are the benefits of cultural exchange? Watch our Society & Culture content below to learn more.

Public Opinion

What do Americans think of China?

According to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in March 2023, a large majority of American adults continue to have negative views of China, and the share who have very unfavorable views has increased by four percentage points since last year. Find out more about this survey and what it means for U.S.-China relations.

How do Americans learn about China?

Listen to the stories of some of the American journalists who have covered China from the time of the civil war of the 1940s through the COVID-19 pandemic.

People-to-people Exchange

Ping Pong Diplomacy in 2023

After more than two decades of hostility, Ping Pong Diplomacy began a shift in the U.S.-China relationship towards exchange and engagement. Learn more about this historic series of events and why it’s still relevant today.

Chinese students in America

China sends more students to study in the United States than any other nation, with around 300,000 Chinese national students studying here each year. How do bilateral U.S.-China tensions impact these students and their academic experiences?

Higher education & U.S.-China relations

The downturn in U.S.-China relations has strained once robust educational and research ties. Are the core American values of open research and academic freedom at risk as a result?

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