China & the Hill

 A weekly newsletter covering Washington D.C.’s China-focused debates, actions, and reactions.

January 4, 2023 – China & the Hill
Covering China’s economic troubles, Taiwan’s military preparedness, and the House’s China agenda.

December 20, 2022 – China & the Hill
Highlighting a potential TikTok ban, the State Department’s China House, and the latest U.S. legislation on China.

December 13, 2022 – China & the Hill
Featuring the latest on the House China select committee, changes to China’s Covid policies, and new U.S. sanctions on China.

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January 2023 e-News
Happy new year! Make sure to check out the National Committee’s Public Intellectuals Program, recent events, and employment opportunities.

December 2022 e-News
Have you watched CHINA Town Hall 2022? Learn more about the program in addition to U.S-China climate finance, healthcare, subnational engagement, and more National Committee news.

October 2022 e-News
Don’t miss Jon M. Huntsman Jr. at CHINA Town Hall 2022, learn more about the National Committee’s upcoming 2022 Gala Dinner, recent Track II Dialogues, and current employment opportunities.

September 2022 e-News
Learn more about our U.S.-China Essentials multimedia series, upcoming events, latest news, and digital content from the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations.

August 2022 e-News
Introducing our CHINA & the Hill newsletter, upcoming events, latest videos, employment opportunities, and more NCUSCR highlights.

U.S.-China Investment Project

The U.S.-China investment project is a multi-year research initiative to provide greater transparency on investment flows between China and the United States.

Latest Report

The intensifying competition between the United States and China is forcing changes in the way the global economy is governed. After a significant overhaul of inbound foreign investment screening rules globally, legislative proposals are being considered in Washington that would create a regime to review U.S. outbound investment to China and other countries of concern. This report provides background on the genesis of this legislation and discusses its implications.

Two-Way Street 2019

Two-Way Street

This report and interactive cover capital flows between the United States and China from 1990 to the present, breaking down investments by industry, geography, investor type, entry mode, ownership, and stake.

New Neighbors Image

New Neighbors

This report looks at Chinese investment in the United States, providing FDI values, numbers of operations, and jobs provision by region, state, and each of the 435 U.S. congressional districts.


American International Relations and Security Programs Focused on China: A Survey of the Field (August 2021)
This report, commissioned by Carnegie Corporation of New York, is based on a survey of leading American academic centers, think tanks, and NGOs on China-related issues. The purpose of the survey, conducted in late 2020, was to assess the state of China-focused international relations and peace and security programs in the United States.

Engaging with China in a New Era: A Resource Bibliography
The National Committee on U.S.-China Relations has assembled a list of materials in written, audio, and video formats related to engagement with China.

Engagement with China: Recommendations for American Colleges and Universities (September 2019)
This report, written by a subset of scholars from the National Committee’s Public Intellectuals Program, is an effort to address constructively the challenges that universities face in designing and implementing effective policies for engagement with China.

Annual Reports