The United States and China have the two largest militaries in the world. In 2022, the two countries spent over a trillion dollars on national defense. Under President Xi Jinping, China has ramped up its military modernization drive. What are China’s goals for its military? Is China planning to invade Taiwan? How should the United States respond? Watch our Military & Security videos to learn more.

China’s Military

How strong is China’s military?

China’s military capabilities have grown rapidly in recent years. Learn more about China’s past and present military goals and how it seeks to achieve them.

What is China doing in the South China Sea?

China has unresolved maritime disputes with several of its neighbors in the South and East China seas. To resolve these conflicts, Chinese leaders have begun to implement “China’s law of the sea.” What is this policy, and how might it impact these vital waterways? Watch now to find out.


What is U.S. policy on Taiwan?

China’s economic success is a result of a number of factors. Learn from a leading scholar why China’s economy grew so quickly, it’s possible future trajectory, and how recent events like the U.S.-China trade war might impact it going forward.

What is happening in the Taiwan Strait?

In recent years, U.S. government officials have speculated that China has imminent plans to invade Taiwan. Experts weigh in on this important question and discuss the ramifications of such an event.

Military-to-military communication

Can the U.S. and Chinese militaries cooperate?

Learn from Admiral John C. Aquilino, 26th Commander of the United States Indo-Pacific Command about the state of bilateral military ties and areas for cooperation

Are mil-to-mil ties improving?

The Beijing Xiangshan Forum, a high-level security and defense gathering, recently ended. What took place, and how might it impact the United States?