The United States and China are the world’s two biggest greenhouse gas emitters. The two countries also lead the world in developing and deploying the latest green technologies like renewables, electric vehicles, and carbon capture systems. Can the United States and China collaborate on fighting climate change? How are geopolitics shaping efforts to save the environment? Watch our Energy & Environment content below to learn more.

Earth Month

How is China conserving its vast wilderness and biodiversity?

Kyle Obermann, who has traveled across China documenting the country’s wild places, joins us to discuss China’s evolving attitudes towards nature and conservation, and the future of the world’s third most biodiverse nation.

Where do the U.S. and China stand on the climate crisis?

In this special edition Earth Day podcast, we pulled the best content from our 2023 Earth Month interview series to answer the most urgent questions on the U.S.-China climate relationship with insights from American and Chinese experts.

How is China leading green technology research?

Mitigating climate change is a high-level priority for the Chinese government. Why is China investing so much in green development? How can competition with China incentivize climate action in the United States?

Are U.S.-China relations impacting the fight against climate change?

Climate change disproportionately affects nations in the global south. Learn about the environmental relationship between the United States and China, the necessity of cooperation, and what it means for the global climate fight.

China’s Climate Policy

What is China doing about climate change?

As the world’s leading emitter of heat-trapping gases by a wide margin, there is no solution to climate change without China. Experts discuss China’s role in facing this global challenge.

Can China solve its environmental health crisis?

Environmental degradation has been a persistent problem in China. Experts give their thoughts on China’s ability to address its serious environmental and public health challenges and what this means for global climate change.

Competition or Cooperation?

What is the future of U.S.-China climate diplomacy?

On November 14th, 2023, the United States and China jointly issued the “Sunnylands Statement on Enhancing Cooperation to Address the Climate Crisis” which introduced several areas for U.S.-China climate cooperation. Following the Sunnylands statement, as well as the appointment of new climate envoys for both the U.S. and China, what future does climate diplomacy hold?

Should the U.S. and China collaborate on climate change?

Avoiding the worst consequences of climate change may require collective action by Washington and Beijing. Experts discuss the potential benefits of U.S.-China climate cooperation and offer practical proposals for policy action.

Is climate change cooperation still possible?

Climate policy expert Deborah Seligsohn details how increased competition between the United States and China can be leveraged as a positive force to deliver the best environmental outcomes.

Technology & Finance

Is China leading on electric vehicles?

In recent years, the United States and China have seen massive investments in their electric vehicle industries. Experts give insights into who is winning the race to capture this growing global market.

What is climate finance?

The United States and China have an opportunity to accelerate financing for low-carbon technologies, particularly in developing countries. Kelly Sims Gallagher discusses the importance of U.S.-China cooperation for global climate finance.

Latest Interview

Why aren’t the U.S. and China collaborating on the environment?

U.S.-China discussions on climate change have been halted for months. The suspension of talks represents a shift in the effort to shield the climate agenda from geopolitics and has implications for the ability of each country, and the world, to meet essential reduction targets.

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