In a nation famous for its megacities, it’s hard to grasp that China is the world’s third most biodiverse country and 42% uninhabited wilderness. Yet protecting wild Chinese flora and fauna is crucial to preserving a healthy climate. How does China interact with the wilderness on their doorstep, and how are conservation efforts bridging the gap between man and nature? 

In an interview recorded on February 28, 2024, conservationist Kyle Obermann joins us for Earth Month to share his experiences documenting China’s little-known wild places.  

Kyle Obermann

Kyle is an award-winning environmental photographer, filmmaker, and writer sponsored by The North Face and a member of the International League of Conservation Photographers and Explorers Club. He is an annual jury member of China’s Outdoor Environmental Awards, recipient of an Outstanding Alumni Award from Peking University, runner-up for Adventure Photographer of the Year and Exploration of the Year in China, and a TV personality in China known for his work with forest rangers and conservation NGOs. As a mountain athlete, he holds speed records running across Mt. Kenya in Kenya and Mt. Minya Konka in China.

Recently, he is a co-founder of the China Outdoors and Conservation Network, a non-profit dedicated to spreading visual stories supporting China’s wild lands conservation.