Program Associate

Lisette Dubow joined the National Committee as a Program Associate in 2023. She focuses on the National Committee’s Track II Dialogues and various public programs.

Prior to joining the National Committee, Ms. Dubow graduated with a Master’s Degree in Global Affairs from Tsinghua University, where she studied as a Schwarzman Scholar. Her graduate research focused on discovering new strategies for China’s small scale farmers to improve their wellbeing through technology use. While living in Beijing, Ms. Dubow also worked at the World Wide Fund for Nature, where she helped to develop their global annual event, Earth Hour.

Ms. Dubow completed her undergraduate education at the University of Virginia in 2022. She studied Leadership and Public Policy, Chinese, and Arabic. During her academic career, she engaged in research at the Applied Public Policy and Leadership Experiments Lab and served as a member of the executive boards for the Peer Health Education program and Moot Court team. In her free time, Ms. Dubow enjoys running, reading, and playing board games with friends.

Organizational Roles