Senior Program Operations Associate

Zachary Zublionis joined the National Committee as a program operations assistant in 2021. Mr. Zublionis works closely with the program operations manager to ensure effective program implementation for key initiatives. Prior to joining the Committee, he worked as an associate for the Wildlife Conservation Society coordinating departmental operations and providing technical support.

Fueled by a passion for international affairs and world history, Mr. Zublionis graduated magna cum laude from Stony Brook University in 2020 with a B.A. in political science, specializing in international relations, and a minor in international studies with an emphasis on Asia. He played an active role in Stony Brook’s Model United Nations program and served as secretary of its executive board. Mr. Zublionis studied abroad for a summer semester in Wuhan where he studied Chinese culture and Mandarin Chinese.

His undergraduate research focused on the implications of Japanese rearmament on East Asian geopolitics, particularly as it relates to a rising China. While at Stony Brook, he worked as a teaching assistant for undergraduate international relations courses, developing course materials and providing free tutoring.

In his free time he enjoys exercising, chess, and watching ice hockey.

Organizational Roles