The National Committee is pleased to announce the selection of 21 new fellows for the fifth round of our Public Intellectuals Program (PIP) and the renewal of a generous grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York that makes the program possible. Click here to learn more about this outstanding class.

PIP, launched by the National Committee in 2005, is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of China specialists who, in the tradition of earlier China hands, have the interest and potential to venture outside of academia to engage with the public and policy communities.

Through a varied set of activities spread out over two years, the program helps twenty young American scholars and specialists working in various disciplines to expand their knowledge of China beyond their own interests by introducing them to each other as well as to specialists outside their fields. By requiring each of the fellows to organize a public outreach program, PIP also encourages them to actively use their knowledge to inform policy and public opinion.

PIP activities include two Washington, D.C.-based workshops on U.S.-China relations, including government and private sector briefings and media training (see recent PIP media placements in the sidebar to the right); a workshop in San Francisco designed to expose fellows to China specialists and institutions on the West Coast; participation in one of two ten-day study tours to China; and possibilities to participate in a National Committee-sponsored conference or serving as a scholar-escort for a Committee delegation (in China or the United States).

The fifth cohort of PIP is being funded by Carnegie Corporation of New York, as was the fourth; the first three cohorts were funded by The Henry Luce Foundation and The Starr Foundation.

PIP is an enrichment opportunity intended to complement participants' primary academic or professional positions; stipends are not provided, but costs are covered. The program offers unique opportunities for professional development, mentoring by senior scholars, networking, and exposure. PIP fellows gain access to senior policymakers and experts in both the United States and China, and to individuals and fields they would not typically be exposed to, including the emerging business and nonprofit sectors in China, as well as the media. The program’s ultimate objective is to upgrade the quality of American public understanding of China by strengthening links among U.S. academics, policymakers, opinion leaders, and the public.

PIP V Fellows

  • Dr. Ang Yuen Yuen: Assistant Professor, Political Science, University of Michigan

    Dr. Matthew Erie: Associate Professor, Modern Chinese Studies, Oriental Institute, University of Oxford

    Dr. Matthew Ferchen: Resident Scholar, Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy and Associate Professor of International Relations, Tsinghua University

    Ms. Virginia Harper Ho: Professor, School of Law, University of Kansas

    Dr. Denise Ho: Assistant Professor, History, Yale University

    Dr. Angel Hsu: Assistant Professor, Environmental Studies, Yale-NUS College/Yale University

    Dr. Scott Kastner: Associate Professor, Government and Politics, University of Maryland, College Park

    Dr. Aynne Kokas: Assistant Professor, Media Studies, University of Virginia

    Dr. Liu Sida: Assistant Professor, Sociology, University of Toronto

    Dr. Oriana Mastro: Assistant Professor, Security Studies, Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University

    Dr. Dawn Murphy: Assistant Professor, International Security Studies, U.S. Air War College

    Dr. John Osburg: Assistant Professor, Anthropology, University of Rochester

    Dr. Johanna Ransmeier: Assistant Professor, History, University of Chicago

    Dr. Maria Repnikova: Assistant Professor, Global Communication and Acting Director, Center for Global Information Studies, Georgia State University

    Dr. Jennifer Staats: Director, China Program, Asia Center, United States Institute of Peace

    Ms. Sun Yun: Senior Associate, East Asia Program, Henry L. Stimson Center

    Mr. Philip Tinari: Director, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art

    Dr. Rory Truex: Assistant Professor, Politics and International Affairs, Department of Politics and Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University

    Dr. Shellen Wu: Associate Professor, History, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

    Dr. XU Bin: Assistant Professor, Sociology, Emory University

    Dr. ZENG Ka: Professor & Director of Asian Studies, Political Science, University of Arkansas

PIP I-V Fellows


  • Media Placements

    As part of their membership in the Public Intellectuals Program, fellows receive support and training to become more actively engaged in public discussions about China and the Sino-American relationship. Here is a sampling of their writings.

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