Launched in 2018, this new initiative is designed to provide senior corporate leaders with a more holistic view of China, enabling them to better understand the issues faced by their U.S. and China-based staff; it is also designed to better equip them to engage in internal company discussions vis-à-vis China. The briefings touch on issues not routinely examined in the business world, including China’s domestic politics, foreign relations, rule of law, culture, and society.

Sponsored generously by the Chubb Charitable Foundation, this is only the first of such programs, and the National Committee will offer future iterations to its corporate members and other companies interested in joining the organization’s network.

2018 China Briefing for Heads of Government Affairs Offices

February 26, 2018 to February 27, 2018
Washington, DC

In February 2018, the National Committee hosted its inaugural seminar in this series in Washington, D.C., bringing together top China specialists to share their knowledge and views on China and Sino-American relations. The program was highly interactive, and participants were encouraged to ask hard questions and discuss their own experiences.

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