Welcome 2021-2023 Public Intellectuals Program Fellows

The National Committee is pleased to announce the seventh round of fellows of its Public Intellectuals Program (PIP), generously funded by Carnegie Corporation of New York. The new fellows comprise a wide range of research interests, geographic locations, and types of institutions and the seventh cohort joins an accomplished community of PIP fellows who have formed a strong network of mutual support and academic collaboration.

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About the Public Intellectuals Program


The Public Intellectuals Program (PIP), launched by the National Committee in 2005, is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of China specialists. The program offers fellows unique opportunities for professional and personal development, mentoring by senior scholars, networking, media exposure, and more. An underlying objective is to increase Americans understanding of China by strengthening links among U.S. academics, policymakers, opinion leaders, and the public.

PIP is a part-time commitment, intended to complement participants' primary academic or professional positions. Through activities spread out over two years, the twenty young American scholars in each cohort have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of China beyond their own disciplines and interests by introducing them to each other as well as to specialists outside their fields. With one hundred forty fellows since the program began, PIP has become a leading community in the American discussion on China.

The seventh cohort of PIP is funded by Carnegie Corporation of New York, as were the fourth, fifth, and sixth; the first three cohorts were funded by The Henry Luce Foundation and The Starr Foundation.

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