The United States and China are at a crossroads today. Will the two nations be enemies, or will they continue to engage with each other? Mary Brown Bullock, who first visited China nearly 50 years ago, explores this question in her latest book, China on My Mind.  Her memoir describes being a missionary child in Asia, studying China from afar, leading the first exchanges of students, being a college president, and establishing an American university in China. Dr. Bullock, an optimist and long-term participant, concludes with today’s uncertainty as many institutions including Duke University, Ford Foundation, China Medical Board, United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia, and others face a new era of relations with China.

In an interview conducted on December 21, 2023, Mary Brown Bullock discusses the past, present, future of U.S-China relations through the lenses of a trained historian, an academic administrator, and a frequent visitor.

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