China and the United States are the world’s greatest greenhouse gas emitters, making climate cooperation between the two superpowers is necessary for the global fight for our planet. Both nations attended the COP28 summit in Dubai from November 30-December 12, 2023. The summit brought together nearly two hundred nations, including China and the U.S., to tackle the world’s climate challenges.  

Climate communications expert, Binbin Wang, joined the National Committee on December 13, 2023, to explain why COP28 is so important and to contextualize the summit in U.S.-China relationship.  


Binbin Wang

Binbin Wang is a climate activist and social scientist. A stubborn optimist, she has tracked the UNFCCC process since 2009 as a trusted witness, passionate advocate, creative expert, and multi-talented practitioner. She offers extensive expertise on global climate governance and policy, nature-based solutions, strategic communication, and multi-stakeholder cooperation between actors from different sectors and institutions. Binbin co-founded a local think tank to conduct national surveys investigating the public’s perception of the climate, the key findings of which were picked up by China’s National White Paper and the UNFCCC. Her monograph about China’s green transition was published by Springer Nature and received a nomination at the China New Development Awards in 2022. Because of her outstanding leadership in the field, Binbin was selected as a member of Homeward Bound, a worldwide female leadership training program, and she visited Antarctica in 2019 with 90 female scientists from 28 countries. She has devoted her career to female leadership directed toward achieving a sustainable planet. As a well-respected influencer and super connecter, she is now accelerating bottom-up actions and joint efforts between China and the world toward the global net-zero transition. She holds a BA and MA from Shandong University and is the first to earn PhD in climate communication in China from Renmin University.