U.S.-China & the World is an interview series investigating how the U.S.-China relationship impacts societies, economies, and policies around the globe. Through short interviews with local experts, this series takes a closer look at the countries and regions affected by and navigating through U.S.-China tensions—and ultimately, how the United States and China together can build a better future for the international community. 

Serbia-China relations are woven together by free trade agreements and national security. What do Serbians think of the U.S.-China relationship? How does the country navigate a path between the world’s two greatest superpowers? Stefan Vladisavljev joins the National Committee on September 21, 2023 to help us understand what Serbia wants and its attitudes towards China and the United States. 


Stefan Vladisavljev

Stefan Vladisavljev is a program coordinator at the Belgrade-based Foundation BFPE for a Responsible Society. His research interest is foreign influences in the Western Balkans, with a special focus on the Chinese influence in the region, with Serbia as an outlier. Vladisavljev leads several projects within the scope of his organization that is focusing on examining the impact of Chinese presence in Serbia and the wider Western Balkans region, as well as regional cooperation.  Since 2022, he has been coordinating the Balkan Dialogues Initiative on behalf of the BFPE as a program coordinator of the regional cooperation portfolio.  He has also been a prolific author, publishing work with outlets like War on the Rocks, Just Security, ECFR, and The Diplomat, among others. Vladisavljev received his Masters of Arts in International Security from the University of Belgrade.