Ms. Wei Wei Hsing is a senior at Columbia University majoring in East Asian Studies and Economics. She is interested in Chinese politics, society, and development and studied advanced Mandarin at Beijing University in 2007. Wei Wei was awarded the Weatherhead East Asian Institute Undergraduate Training Grant in 2007 to study Hong Kong-based labor organizations working on mainland Chinese labor issues. She used her field research to supplement her senior thesis on new forms of transnational activism involving legal strategies. At Columbia, Wei Wei is the chair and founder of the Oscar Lee Symposium of Undergraduate East Asian Studies and a senior editor for the Columbia East Asia Review. She also served as general manager of the Columbia Political Union from 2006-07.

Through her internship at the Committee, Wei Wei hopes to gain a deeper understanding of diplomatic ties and connections between the United States and China, and develop a greater sense of perspective on non-governmental organizations working on U.S.-China issues.