More than 200 members of the scholarly, foreign policy, military, and business communities have signed an Open Letter to President Trump and members of Congress on U.S. policy toward China. In the letter, published by The Washington Post on July 3, 2019, the authors write:

“We are members of the scholarly, foreign policy, military and business communities, overwhelmingly from the United States, including many who have focused on Asia throughout our professional careers. We are deeply concerned about the growing deterioration in U.S. relations with China, which we believe does not serve American or global interests. Although we are very troubled by Beijing’s recent behavior, which requires a strong response, we also believe that many U.S. actions are contributing directly to the downward spiral in relations.” Read the full letter.

The letter was co-signed by a number of National Committee directors, officers, and Public Intellectuals Program (PIP) fellows, including:

  • Jan Berris, Vice President
  • Robert L. Daly, Director
  • John Delury, PIP Fellow
  • M. Taylor Fravel, Director and PIP Fellow
  • Mary E. Gallagher, PIP Fellow
  • Carla A. Hills, Chair
  • Virginia Harper Ho, PIP Fellow
  • Yanzhong Huang, PIP Fellow
  • Katherine Palmer Kaup, Director and PIP Fellow
  • David M. Lampton, Director
  • Pierre F. Landry, PIP Fellow
  • Nicholas R. Lardy, Vice Chair
  • Charles A. Laughlin, PIP Fellow
  • Joanna I. Lewis, PIP Fellow
  • Kenneth G. Lieberthal, Director
  • Peter Lorentzen, PIP Fellow
  • Andrew C. Mertha, PIP Fellow
  • James Millward, PIP Fellow
  • Carl Minzner, PIP Fellow
  • Stephen A. Orlins, President
  • Douglas H. Paal, Director
  • Stephen R. Platt, PIP Fellow
  • Xiaoyu Pu, PIP Fellow
  • Meg Rithmire, PIP Fellow
  • J. Stapleton Roy, Vice Chair
  • Victor Shih, PIP Fellow
  • Kay Shimizu, PIP Fellow
  • Michael A. Szonyi, PIP Fellow
  • Susan A. Thornton, Director
  • Alex L. Wang, PIP Fellow
  • Jessica Chen Weiss, PIP Fellow
  • Bin Xu, PIP Fellow
  • Yu Zhou, PIP Fellow