The National Committee on U.S.-China Relations sent a delegation of six editors of foreign policy and political affairs journals to Beijing, Shanghai, and Taipei for a week-and-a-half-long study tour.

Government officials, foreign policy specialists, and others provided delegation members with a more detailed and nuanced understanding of China’s foreign policy-making institutions, processes, and dynamics; the ways in which China’s domestic agenda influences its interaction with other countries; and the use of journals and other media outlets to convey information about foreign policy issues.

Delegation members, all of whom have some degree of responsibility for the editorial direction of their publications, were drawn from American journals that focus on foreign policy or that examine the relationship between international issues and U.S. domestic policy. They included Dan Kennelly, The American Interest; Sean Lynn-Jones, International Security; Tara McKelvey, The American Prospect; Bruce Stokes, National Journal; Zornitsa Stoyanova, Ethics & International Affairs; and Jacob Weisberg, Slate.