Increasing discord in the U.S.-China relationship is having profound repercussions for the people of both countries and the global community.

U.S.-China HORIZONS explores mutual benefits emerging in new sectors and highlights pressing global issues that can only be resolved through functional Sino-American cooperation.

Confronting 21st century challenges, promoting peace, and ensuring universal prosperity will depend on the decisions of today. HORIZONS brings together experts, leaders, and innovators to help navigate a course to our shared future.  

Electric Vehicles: China's Accelerating Industry

Jennifer Turner explains the recent evolution of China's dynamic new energy vehicle industry, including how it will influence electric vehicles in the United States and around the world.

Jennifer Turner is the director of the Wilson Center’s China Environment Forum and manager of its Global Choke Point Initiative. She is a widely-quoted expert on U.S.-China environmental cooperation as well as climate-related challenges and governance issues facing the world’s most populous country.



Playing Tonight: China and the U.S. Film Industry

China’s booming film market has become an essential consideration for the production of Hollywood movies. In an effort to take advantage of this audience, American entertainment conglomerates are increasingly partnering with Chinese studios, and producing products for the Chinese market. How will America’s entertainment powerhouses and China’s burgeoning film industry collaborate to build their global brand identities?

Aynne Kokas is an associate professor of media studies at the University of Virginia. She is the author of Hollywood Made in China (University of California Press, 2017).



Electric Vehicles: Tesla and U.S.-China Collaboration

Tesla has proven that U.S. car companies can succeed in China—when they sell electric. But what will it take for the traditional auto industry to meet the demand for new energy vehicles in China and compete with local startups?
Tu Le of Sino Auto Insights analyzes U.S.-China collaboration and interaction as a driving force behind the ascending global electric vehicle market.

Tu Le is the founder and managing director of Sino Auto Insights. He is recognized as an automotive & mobility expert in Asia, having spent time living and working in Detroit, Silicon Valley, and China.



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