In a new report, The United States, China, and Taiwan: A Strategy to Prevent War, Ambassador Robert Blackwill and Professor Philip Zelikow present an objective for U.S. policy toward Taiwan: to sustain the political balance that has preserved peace in cross-Strait relations for the last fifty years. The authors warn that Taiwan is becoming the most dangerous flashpoint in the world for major powers, and argue that the United States should aim to preserve Taiwan’s political and economic autonomy and its dynamism as a free society rather than altering the U.S. policy approach at the risk of further escalating tensions with China.

On April 30, 2021, the National Committee held a virtual program with Robert Blackwill (Council on Foreign Relations) and Philip Zelikow (University of Virginia), moderated by leading Taiwan authority Shelley Rigger (Davidson College), to discuss U.S. policy options for a productive relationship with Taiwan.

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