In support of the Now More Than Ever 50th Anniversary Campaign, the National Committee is pleased to announce a generous personal contribution of $1 million from Jerry Yang and his wife, Akiko Yamazaki. Yang is co-founder of Yahoo! and a recent addition to the Committee’s board of directors. Launched at last month’s 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner, the Campaign celebrates five decades of being at the forefront of the U.S.-China relationship. As the National Committee looks ahead to the next 50 years, this contribution will support its ongoing mission of promoting constructive relations through educating people in both countries.

“With the United States and China facing a critical period in their relationship, fostering cooperation on issues of global importance — including security, the environment, health care, the rule of law, and economic cooperation — is the best means to ensure a better future for citizens of both countries and the world,” said National Committee President Stephen Orlins. “It is with gratitude that we applaud Jerry Yang and Akiko Yamazaki’s generosity and foresight in supporting these vital initiatives.”

"At the core of the digital age is the need to connect with and better understand each other. The National Committee fosters and deepens connections between the United States and China at all levels, increasing the capacity for constructive dialogue in the most important bilateral relationship," said Yang. "Akiko and I are gratified to help make this crucial work possible."

As co-founder of Yahoo!, Yang was a trailblazer in making the Internet a revolutionary tool for innovation, commerce and education. His early support of China’s Alibaba recognized the global nature of e-commerce, while his AME Cloud Ventures supports the web’s most innovative new ideas.

For information about our 50th Anniversary Campaign, or to learn about our current programs and new initiatives, please contact our development office at 646-604-8009 or

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