Since its founding, the National Committee has been at the forefront in the promotion of mutual understanding between citizens of the United States and China. As we face the global challenges of the twenty-first century, we are pleased to welcome the support of Perfect World Investment & Holding Group, a leader in bringing people together around the world through exciting new technologies.

Perfect World and its U.S. subsidiaries form an entertainment and creative conglomerate best known for its popular online gaming products. As a company developing exciting new platforms for player interaction on a global scale, Perfect World has utilized its advances in Internet technology and digital art to make positive contributions to cultural dialogues between the United States and China. Their appreciation for the National Committee’s mission has led to their support for programs that include the U.S. Foreign Policy Colloquium and Young Leaders Forum, both designed to help educate the next generation about Sino-American Relations.

“Perfect World is in awe of the tremendous contributions made by the National Committee in promoting cooperation and sustainable development of U.S.-China relations,” said Perfect World Vice Chair and CEO Dr. Robert H. Xiao. “Perfect World has developed an excellent relationship with the National Committee so that we may help carry the responsibility of maintaining a healthy and stable U.S.-China relationship.”

In the future, Dr. Xiao notes, Perfect World plans to use game, film, and other forms of entertainment popular with young people to promote cultural interaction and exchange between the United States and China. As the National Committee enters its sixth decade of developing new approaches to address the challenges facing our two countries, we are grateful for the support of Perfect World, whose innovative leadership will help ensure the future of a constructive Sino-American relationship.

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