Track II Dialogues

Promoting constructive dialogue is central to the National Committee’s mission. By convening American and Chinese political, business, and policy leaders for closed-door, off-the-record discussions, the National Committee fosters trust and cooperation around the most sensitive issues facing U.S.-China relations. 

Participants engage in lively debate while collaborating to write a consensus agreement, which they share with both governments at the conclusion of the session. Each dialogue is accompanied by public events and leadership briefings that extend the impact of outcomes achieved.

Exchanges & Briefings

The National Committee is the leader in the field of U.S.-China exchanges and leadership briefings. By curating travel intensives and facilitating people-to-people exposure, the National Committee provides opportunities for political, military, and academic leaders to develop a deeper, more nuanced understanding of U.S.-China relations. 

Program alumni cite the lasting impressions of these first-hand experiences on their perspectives and decision-making. For this reason, we invest in exchanges for young leaders at early stages of their careers.

Public Outreach

Through public events and publications, the National Committee provides balanced information that contributes to a more thoughtful, nuanced discussion on U.S.-China relations. National Committee events feature sought-after American and Chinese political, civic, business, and academic leaders.

Innovation & Response

The National Committee continually calibrates its programming in an evolving landscape. Crises can occur at any moment, requiring immediate action. Emerging trends often require a shift in focus or approach. As we prepare for the decades ahead, we are building our capacity to respond nimbly to crises or systemic changes with relevant, sustainable interventions.
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