The National Committee on United States-China Relations is pleased to have selected the seventh cohort of its Public Intellectuals Program (PIP), generously funded by Carnegie Corporation of New York. The new fellows comprise a wide range of research interests, geographic locations, and types of institutions. Read full announcement.

Lina Benabdallah

Assistant Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Wake Forest University

International Relations Theory; Global South; Political Nostalgia

Nicholas Borst

Vice President and Director of China Research, Seafarer Capital Partners

Financial Reform; Shadow Banking; U.S.-China Cross-Border Investment

David Bulman

McGovern-Muller Assistant Professor of China Studies and International Affairs, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

Political Economy; Central-Local Relations; Middle Income Traps; Welfare State

Dan Chen

Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Richmond

Media Politics; Public Opinion; Local Governance; Cultural Politics

Spencer Cohen

Principal, High Peak Strategy LLC

International Trade; China’s Economy; Local Political Economy; U.S.-China Relations

Abigail Coplin

Assistant Professor of Sociology and Science, Technology and Society, Vassar College

Biotechnology and Agrobiotechnology Development in China; State-Firm Relations; Scientific Expertise; Scientific Controversy; State-Society Relations

Michael Davidson

Assistant Professor, School of Global Policy and Strategy and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, University of California San Diego

Energy and Environmental Policy; Electricity Markets; Comparative Politics of Market Transitions

Naima Green-Riley

Ph.D. Candidate and Raymond Vernon Fellow, Government Department, Harvard University

Chinese Foreign Policy; Public Diplomacy; Global Information Space; Political Psychology; Public Opinion

Dimitar Gueorguiev

Associate Professor of Political Science, Syracuse University

Political Control; Institutions; Governance

Kyle Jaros

Associate Professor of Global Affairs, Keough School of Global Affairs, University of Notre Dame

Central-Local Relations; Urban Governance; Regional Development

Jason M. Kelly

Assistant Professor, Strategy and Policy Department, U.S. Naval War College

History; Foreign Relations; Trade; U.S.-China Relations

JD Kristenson

Commander, U.S. Navy

U.S.-China Relations; Chinese Foreign Policy; Indo-Pacific Maritime Security

Wendy Leutert

Assistant Professor and GLP-Ming Z. Mei Chair of Chinese Economics and Trade, East Asian Languages and Cultures Department, School of Global and International Studies, Indiana University

State-Owned Enterprises; State-Business Relations; Economic Reform; Corporate Governance; International Investment

Silvia Lindtner

Associate Professor and Associate Director, School of Information and Center for Ethics, Society, and Computing, University of Michigan

Labor and Transnational Shifts in Tech Industries; Innovation in U.S.-China Global Supply Chains; Race and Gender in Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Daniel Mattingly

Assistant Professor of Political Science, Yale University

Chinese Politics; Authoritarianism; the Military; Regime Dynamics; Nationalism

Sara Newland

Assistant Professor of Government, Smith College

Taiwan; Local Governance; Chinese Politics; Subnational Diplomacy

Xuefei Ren

Associate Professor of Sociology, Michigan State University

Urban Governance; Urban Planning; Historical Comparison

Suzanne E. Scoggins

Assistant Professor of Political Science and Director of Asian Studies, Clark University

Policing; State Legitimacy; Authoritarian Resilience

Gina A. Tam

Assistant Professor of History, Trinity University

Modern Chinese History; Nationalism; Construction of Collective Identity; Gender Studies; Chinese Languages

Yeling Tan

Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Oregon

Global Economic Governance; Trade; Industrial Policy; Political Economy; Bureaucracy

Emily Wilcox

Associate Professor of Chinese Studies, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, William & Mary

Dance; Performance; History; Inter-Asia; Cultural Studies

The seventh cohort joins an accomplished community of PIP fellows who have formed a strong network of mutual support and academic collaboration.