The National Committee on United States-China Relations is pleased to have selected the seventh cohort of its Public Intellectuals Program (PIP), generously funded by Carnegie Corporation of New York. The new fellows comprise a wide range of research interests, geographic locations, and types of institutions. Read full announcement.

Lina Benabdallah

Assistant Professor of Politics and International Affairs, Wake Forest University

Nicholas Borst

Vice President and Director of China Research, Seafarer Capital Partners

David Bulman

McGovern-Muller Assistant Professor of China Studies and International Affairs, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

International Relations Theory; Global South; Political Nostalgia


Financial Reform; Shadow Banking; U.S.-China Cross-Border Investment

Political Economy; Central-Local Relations; Middle Income Traps; Welfare State

Dan Chen

Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Richmond

Spencer Cohen

Principal, High Peak Strategy LLC

Abigail Coplin

Assistant Professor of Sociology and Science, Technology and Society, Vassar College

Media Politics; Public Opinion; Local Governance; Cultural Politics

International Trade; China’s Economy; Local Political Economy; U.S.-China Relations

Biotechnology and Agrobiotechnology Development in China; State-Firm Relations; Scientific Expertise; Scientific Controversy; State-Society Relations

Michael Davidson

Assistant Professor, School of Global Policy and Strategy and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, University of California San Diego

Naima Green-Riley

Ph.D. Candidate and Raymond Vernon Fellow, Government Department, Harvard University

Dimitar Gueorguiev

Associate Professor of Political Science, Syracuse University

Energy and Environmental Policy; Electricity Markets; Comparative Politics of Market Transitions

Chinese Foreign Policy; Public Diplomacy; Global Information Space; Political Psychology; Public Opinion

Political Control; Institutions; Governance

Kyle Jaros

Associate Professor of Global Affairs, Keough School of Global Affairs, University of Notre Dame

Jason M. Kelly

Assistant Professor, Strategy and Policy Department, U.S. Naval War College

JD Kristenson

Commander, U.S. Navy

Central-Local Relations; Urban Governance; Regional Development

History; Foreign Relations; Trade; U.S.-China Relations

U.S.-China Relations; Chinese Foreign Policy; Indo-Pacific Maritime Security

Wendy Leutert

Assistant Professor and GLP-Ming Z. Mei Chair of Chinese Economics and Trade, East Asian Languages and Cultures Department, School of Global and International Studies, Indiana University

Silvia Lindtner

Associate Professor and Associate Director, School of Information and Center for Ethics, Society, and Computing, University of Michigan

Daniel Mattingly

Assistant Professor of Political Science, Yale University

State-Owned Enterprises; State-Business Relations; Economic Reform; Corporate Governance; International Investment

Labor and Transnational Shifts in Tech Industries; Innovation in U.S.-China Global Supply Chains; Race and Gender in Tech Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Chinese Politics; Authoritarianism; the Military; Regime Dynamics; Nationalism

Sara Newland

Assistant Professor of Government, Smith College

Xuefei Ren

Associate Professor of Sociology, Michigan State University

Suzanne E. Scoggins

Assistant Professor of Political Science and Director of Asian Studies, Clark University

Taiwan; Local Governance; Chinese Politics; Subnational Diplomacy

Urban Governance; Urban Planning; Historical Comparison

Policing; State Legitimacy; Authoritarian Resilience

Gina A. Tam

Assistant Professor of History, Trinity University

Yeling Tan

Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Oregon

Emily Wilcox

Associate Professor of Chinese Studies, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, William & Mary

Modern Chinese History; Nationalism; Construction of Collective Identity; Gender Studies; Chinese Languages

Global Economic Governance; Trade; Industrial Policy; Political Economy; Bureaucracy

Dance; Performance; History; Inter-Asia; Cultural Studies


The seventh cohort joins an accomplished community of PIP fellows who have formed a strong network of mutual support and academic collaboration.