American International Relations and Security Programs Focused on China: A Survey of the Field (August 2021)
This report, commissioned by Carnegie Corporation of New York, is based on a survey of leading American academic centers, think tanks, and NGOs on China-related issues. The purpose of the survey, conducted in late 2020, was to assess the state of China-focused international relations and peace and security programs in the United States.

Engaging with China in a New Era: A Resource Bibliography
The National Committee on U.S.-China Relations has assembled a list of materials in written, audio, and video formats related to engagement with China.

Engagement with China: Recommendations for American Colleges and Universities (September 2019)
This report, written by a subset of scholars from the National Committee's Public Intellectuals Program, is an effort to address constructively the challenges that universities face in designing and implementing effective policies for engagement with China.

U.S.-China Investment Project

Latest Report: Two-Way Street: 2021 Update

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This report and interactive cover capital flows between the United States and China from 1990 to the present, breaking down investments by industry, geography, investor type, entry mode, ownership, and stake.

2021: Full Report | ​Executive Summary 

2020: Full Report | ​Executive Summary | ​1H Update

2019: Full Report | ​Executive Summary | ​1H Update

2018: Full Report | ​Executive Summary | 摘要 (中文)

2017: Full Report | Executive Summary | 摘要 (中文)

2016: Full Report | Executive Summary | Full Report (中文) | 摘要 (中文)

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This report looks at Chinese investment in the United States, providing FDI values, numbers of operations, and jobs provision by region, state, and each of the 435 U.S. congressional districts.         

2018: Full Report | Executive Summary

2017: Full Report | Executive Summary | 摘要 (中文)

2016: Full Report | Executive Summary | 摘要 (中文)

2015: Full Report | Executive Summary | 摘要 (中文)